Posted by: musinganorak | August 17, 2012

16 Days In August…*

* Actually 4 days in July and 12 days in August…

Wednesday 6th July 2005, and at the 117th Session of the International Olympic Committee the decision is made to host the Games of the 30th Summer Olympiad in London. London. The capital city of the United Kingdom. Where I live. As soon as the decision was announced I joined in with millions of other people wondering how I was going to get tickets to see it. IT! The Olympics. The Greatest Sporting Event on THE PLANET!

Fast forward 5 years and 9 months to April 2011 and I finally get to submit my initial application for tickets. You can’t buy them, you just get to say what you’d like to see and then eventually somebody would let you know what you are actually going to go and see. After much thought and head scratching I eventually submit an application for a total of 11 sessions covering 10 different sports. My potential bill is just over £1000. But it is The Olympics! All I have to do now is wait for them to decide what I’ll be allowed to see…

Fast forward another couple of months and I get THE E-MAIL. I have been allocated tickets. But for less than half of what I asked for – 5 sessions of 4 different sports. The initial disappointment wears off after a few days as more and more stories emerge of people who applied for far more tickets than me and yet got allocated nothing. I was lucky, lucky it seemed to have got any tickets, and very lucky to have got as many as I had.

Only another 13 months to wait before I could actually use my tickets…

As the countdown to the Games continued, and various other convoluted ticket allocation ballots came and went – all of which I was barred from due to my success in the initial ballot, it started to become a possibility that more tickets may be available to buy nearer to the Event.

Careful scanning of Twitter feeds and regular visits to the Official Website initially proved fruitless. By this stage I had already booked the two weeks of the Games off from work – I was at least going to watch it all. Live, as it happened, and not on highlights shows. Then all of a sudden it happened. Tickets for various events became available.

So I bought some…

Then other sports became available.

So I bought some…

Even as the Games got underway and I was enjoying my first Olympics Experiences they kept releasing tickets, especially after the furore around empty seats took hold.

So I bought some more…

Eventually I ended up with tickets to 16 sessions of 15 different sports! At The Olympics!

The irony of it was though is that I probably saw less of the action at this Olympics than of any of the previous Olympics I watched on TV. If I wasn’t at an event I was travelling to it, or from it, or to the next one.

But that didn’t matter at all. I WAS AT THE OLYMPICS!! A once in a lifetime opportunity to witness, in the flesh, The Greatest Sporting Event In The World!

No pig in muck, ever, throughout history, has been as happy as I was!

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