Posted by: musinganorak | January 5, 2012

Where the hell have you been…?

Hmm. Is it really bad to take a 12 month sabbatical after only 6 months? Probably best if you don’t answer that!

They do say that “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” In that case I’m probably somewhere towards the 8th Circle about now. And to save you looking it up, the 8th is Fraud.

I’ve kept meaning to get back to this blog, but something always gets in the way. Honest. I figured that as it’s the start of a New Year, OK so I missed that by a few days as well, then I really should get back in front of the keyboard.

The plan, and stop sniggering at the back, is to write a number of posts to bring things back up to date. I’m sort of thinking that 12 should do it, but we’ll see how it goes.

Should anybody reading this – anybody? anybody at all out there? – see me in the next few weeks then please feel free to make sarcastic comments to me about the lack of posts. Maybe I just need a bit of public humiliation to spur me on…

Try and stick with it. I did some really good stuff last year. Maybe one day you’ll get to read about it!

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