Posted by: musinganorak | February 28, 2011

NYMP 2 – What Have I Let Myself In For?

So on to part 2 of the plan. A trip to the Midlands and a visit to Derby County‘s Pride Park. They are playing Millwall in an npower Championship game.

After arriving nice and early and finding a, relatively, inexpensive car park I set off for a wander around the city centre. The first hurdle is getting to the other side of the railway – from where I’m parked the nearest bridge has ticket barriers at either end. Luckily the station staff are happy to let me through and I’m soon hunting my first target of the day. I’ve been hearing good things about the beer drinking scene in the city, but until today I’d never sampled it for myself. I soon rectify that with a visit to the Brunswick Inn, handily placed over the road from the station and home of the Brunswick Brewery. After sampling a couple of their beers I head further in to the city to search out more beer.

My other visit is to the Brewery Tap, the brewery tap of the Derby Brewing Company. After a quick half here I begin the long trek back out to Pride Park on the outskirts of the city. Luckily the route is well signposted and for most of the way runs alongside the River Derwent.









As is my want I arrive at the ground very early, allowing more time than is necessary to collect my ticket. Once inside the ground I find my seat and decide that I like the new ground. It is one of the earlier new builds and still manages to have some character, although nowhere near as much as the old Baseball Ground. I also hear one of the bizarrest PA announcements I can ever recall – “It’s 10 to 3 and time to welcome your Derby County ballboys!”

Unfortunately this is where the afternoon peaks because shortly afterwards the game starts. It turns out to be quite possibly the worst game of football I have ever seen. I honestly can’t remember either side having a shot on goal in the entire 90 minutes. The home fans who have turned out in impressive numbers despite their club’s recent form deserve much better than this. All I can say is that I am one closer to my target, but I’m dreading any more games like this!

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