Posted by: musinganorak | January 31, 2011

The New Year Master Plan

As I have mentioned earlier I am slowly chipping away at the “92,” that is the clubs in the Premiership and Football League. My approach in recent years has been to do new grounds when Crewe visited them and pick others up when special offers appear. Heading in to 2011 I had plans to visit my last League 2 ground at Bury when Crewe visit at the end of February, and I had also managed to pick up a cheap ticket for Sunderland’s FA Cup tie at the start of January. At this point I realised that after visiting these 2 grounds I would only have 5 others to do, and that it was probably time I should make the effort to finish them off once and for all.

Enter the New Year Master Plan. I decided that it would be good to finish the “92” watching Crewe, and by careful planning I was able to identify dates for the other grounds I needed. At the same time I thought that I may as well try and visit my remaining 3 Conference National grounds, especially as I was already planning a trip to Mansfield for a Saturday evening game in February. Luckily the dates all fell nicely and I had a schedule for January and February that would see me, hopefully, finish the “92” with the bonus of completing the Conference National as well. The top 5 divisions of English football would hopefully be finished. For now.

All that remains is for the football Gods to play ball…….

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