Posted by: musinganorak | August 10, 2010

Who Needs Oktoberfest?

Holiday Musings – Day 7

Munich is best known around the world for Oktoberfest, a massive beer festival that takes place every year – in September. And we were visiting in August. That, though, doesn’t matter as there is plenty of beer to be had in Munich all year round.

We started the day by wandering around the city looking at the sights it has to offer. Compared to many other cities it doesn’t have as much to look at. The cathedral is OK but it lacks the wow factor of somewhere like Cologne. It didn’t help that a lot of the city, including the cathedral, is currently covered by scaffolding.

By lunchtime we felt it was time to search out some liquid refreshment and so we spent the rest of the day on a pub crawl around the city. In total we visited 9 bars, including the Hofbräuhaus which is often referred to as the most famous pub in the world. We sat in the vast drinking hall and watched the antics of the many stag groups who had taken up residence there. Not a pretty sight and not the kind of atmosphere I particularly wish to sample for too long. Much more enjoyable was the time spent sitting in the biergarden of the Unionsbräu pub.

I managed to sample 16 new beers before we decided to call it a day and stagger back to the hotel. I may return one day to see what the Oktoberfest is like, but I fear that I may just find a similar atmosphere to the Hofbräuhaus only on a larger scale. If that is likely to be the case then I’m not sure it’s worth it especially as  there are plenty of beer drinking opportunities in the city all year round.

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