Posted by: musinganorak | July 21, 2010

More Rhino Mania

The weekend trip to Cheshire proved to be very successful in pursuit of the Chester Rhinos. In two days I managed to see 59 of the 62. Yet again I was struck by how good these events are at introducing people to parts of a city that they may not ordinarily visit. Despite coming from Cheshire and having spent many hours of my life in Chester I was taken to places that I had never before seen, such as the Roman Garden, despite their proximity to the main shopping thoroughfares.

The other thing that struck me was just how well the event was being publicised within the city. Lots of banners were hung from lamp posts advertising not only the Rhinos but other events taking place in the city over the summer. The trail is also laid out in a logical way. Rhino number 1, Elvis,  is situated at the railway station which will no doubt be a main point of entry for many visitors. From there you follow the Rhinos in numerical order and are taken around the city. The biggest downside I could see to this, however, is that there were no trail maps available at the station, so although you would logically move on to Rhino number 2 you don’t actually know where it is! As with Bath, though, Chester is a small enough city to mean that criss-crossing in a “random” way is not particularly onerous.

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