Posted by: musinganorak | July 10, 2010

Move over elephants, the rhinos are here!

The City of Chester has been taken over by rhinoceroses, in much the same way that London was by elephants. The big difference with the rhinos is that they have been able to break free of the city limits. One of them has even found his way down to London. Euston station to be exact, which is the station you would use if getting a direct train from London to Chester. I popped over there today to make his acquaintance, and very splendid he is too.

Luckily I had already planned a couple of trips that way to visit family and so I should hopefully manage to divert a bit further north and attempt to see as many of the 62 rhinos as possible. I mean, I managed over 250 elephants so how hard can 62 rhinos be?  The only fly in the ointment is that I discovered yesterday that Bath has been invaded by 100 lions! D’Oh!

Further details on the Chester rhinos can be found on their website, and details of the Bath lions can be found on their website.

As it stands: 1 out of 62 rhinos, 0 out of 100 lions. Progress reports as and when.

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