Posted by: musinganorak | July 7, 2010

Demolishing West Wing

Work started this week on the demolition of the old West Wing at Ashford Hospital. Oh, sorry, did you think I meant a different West Wing?

Anyway, I spent several years working in the building and despite it’s age it was not too bad a working environment. The big advantage was the fact that my office looked out in the direction of Staines Reservoir. Although I was on the second floor I couldn’t actually see the water in the reservoir, but I was high enough to see any birds that were flying around over the water. The reservoir has a good record of passage migrants and so there was always the chance of something special flying by. At the very least there was always something to take my mind off the office tedium.

Once it has gone the Bulldog Intersection of the A30 will look very different. My understanding is that flats are to be built in it’s place although I have no idea how long it will be before they are built. Given the current economic climate it may well prove to be later rather than sooner.

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